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We carry out works quickly, ensure quality, and deliver on time



We offer aluminium windows, doors, and facades

We usually work with Reynaers’s aluminium windows, doors, and facade systems. Reynaers is a world-renowned company that produces high-quality and reliable window systems and ensures product durability.

Aluminium windows are one of the best choices for Lithuanian climate. They are resistant to large temperature fluctuations, the effects of precipitation and the environment, and bending. The aluminium windows have the advantage over wooden and plastic ones, as they offer much larger dimensions and are cheaper to produce. Durable windows are a great investment in a warm and cosy home or a modern, minimalist interior in business buildings.

In terms of thermal properties, aluminium windows are just as good as wooden or plastic windows, especially if you choose the warm-edge spacer package. Good thermal resistance and minimalist appearance give the windows versatility and allow them to be used in a variety of buildings.






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